L'alluvione di Genova

Alluvione di Genova del 4 novembre 2011

On the night of November 4, 2011, a thunderstorm system originated near Mount Portofino and reached Genoa by late morning. Rainfall was concentrated mainly in Valle Sturla, Val Bisagno, and the eastern side of Val Polcevera. Genoa's waterways—Sturla, Bisagno, and its tributary Fereggiano—overflowed quickly. The long-covered stretches of Genoa's streams did not always successfully contain the floods. This was the case of the Fereggiano River, whose waters, partially obstructed in their outflow due to the Bisagno River flooding at the same time, violently overflowed, overwhelming everything they encountered and causing the death of six people. Flooding and landslides affected the entire region, with many road disruptions and extensive property damage.

Photo: Teams in action in Genoa following the November 4, 2011 flood / City of Genoa