Operating structures

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In Italy, Civil Protection is organized in "National Service", a complex system consisting of all the forces fielded by the State.

Article 13 of Legislative Decree n.1 of January 2, 2018 identifies as Operational Structures of the National Service:

  • the The National Fire and Rescue Service, as a fundamental component of civil protection
  • the Armed Forces
  • the Police Forces
  • the Bodies and Research Institutes of national importance with civil protection purposes, also organized as Competence Centers,
  • the National Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology and the National Research Council
  • the structures of the National Health Service
  • the organized voluntary civil protection enrolled in the National List of Voluntary Civil Protection
  • the Italian Red Cross Association and the National Alpine and Speleological Rescue Corps
  • the National System for the Protection of the Environment
  • the structures in charge of the management of meteorological services at national level.

Art. 13 of the Code also defines the subjects that contribute to civil protection activities: professional orders and colleges (with their respective national councils), bodies, institutes, national agencies, companies and other public or private organizations that carry out civil protection functions.