Civil protection and subsidiarity

The regionalist demand has conditioned and oriented political debate since the early nineties. In response to this question, Government and Parliament agree on a substantial transfer of competencies from the center to the peripheries, based on the principles of "subsidiarity" and "integration", to help citizens and their representatives solve problems. Consequently, some important state functions pass to the Regions and local authorities and regional functions pass to local authorities.

In this context, the civil protection is also redefined. Legislative Decree no. 112 of 1998 - implementing the Bassanini law - redesigned the civil protection structure, transferring important competences to local authorities, including operational competences, and introducing a deep reorganization of the State' s residual competences. The normative framework of reference is still Law n. 225 of 1992.

Civil protection is considered a matter of shared competence: the Regions and local authorities are entrusted with all functions with the exception of the tasks of "national importance of the Civil Protection System".